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Follow the Romans over the green hills of the moraine and then stroll along the trendy boutiques in the shopping streets of the oldest city in the Netherlands. Or after a nice bike ride, laze around on one of the many white beaches in the Ooijpolder.



From Villa Dalhof you can walk straight into the woods and explore the unique nature reserve on the moraine east of Nijmegen. The differences in height give beautiful views of the Ooijpolder. For example at Persingen, the smallest village in the Netherlands.



The varied environment can please every cyclist. You can opt for a trip through the rolling countryside or simply take a flat ride through the Ooijpolder. But for the sporty cyclist who is looking for more challenges, there are several climbs in the immediate area with an increase percentage of up to 14%! At Villa Dalhof you can park your precious bike in an enclosed space.



Restaurant Puur and restaurant In Geuren en Kleuren is a few minutes’ walk from Villa Dalhof.
A little further in Nijmegen are numerous restaurants. Our absolute favorite is De Nieuwe Winkel. Discover the special dishes of plants from the food forest in Groesbeek by chef Emile van der Staak.


Enjoying wine

The hilly region to the east of Nijmegen appears to be an excellent basis for delicious red and white quality wines. The first vineyard in Groesbeek, Wijnhoeve De Colonjes, has won many prizes at national and international wine inspections. There are now more than 20 hectares in use for viticulture, spread over 7 vineyards.
You can enjoy wine tasting, guided tours and picnics in the vineyard at the vineyards. There are special arrangements for groups with other activities in Groesbeek and the region.



It is not without reason that Nijmegen is called the Summer Capital. Along the Waal are numerous white sandy beaches. Closer to Nijmegen are official recreational areas at the river park where you can swim, ‘suppen’ or surf, or simply lay your bath towel in the sand and enjoy. You can easily walk there from the city center. A little further upstream you can discover the real hidden gems. Ask us during your stay where you can find it.



On the nearby golf course Rijk van Nijmegen you can enjoy 45 holes in beautiful surroundings. Here you can experience how beautiful golf can be.



Nijmegen is a booming cultural city – that is no secret. There are always plenty of activities in the green student city. But there are also special museums in Berg and Dal itself.



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