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Culture in the area

Cultural city Nijmegen has a lot to offer you. Whether it concerns theater, festivals, museums for nature or art and history, film or music. You will find it there. A favorite of ours is the Honigcomplex hotspot. It is now buzzing in the buildings of the former soup factory. There are craft companies including a beer brewery and a coffee roaster and a cozy place to lunch.
Berg en Dal
Walk in through the Roman Street, complete with inn and school. The colorful world of Judaism, Christianity and Islam also comes to life here. Orientalis is a 30-hectare national monument where experience, architecture and nature come together. In the three theme villages – the Jewish village, the Arab village and the Roman street – you can experience cultures and religion in an educational and fun way. Close by you will also find the Afrika Museum with an indoor and outdoor museum. In addition to a large collection of contemporary African art, the indoor museum displays many traditional African objects. In the outdoor museum you can learn more about the traditional architecture of five people from the countries of Ghana, Lesotho, Mali, Cameroon and Benin. Especially for children there is a children’s sculpture forest, full of animals from African myths that can be climbed and played on.


In the National Liberation Museum 1944 – 1945 you experience the run-up to the war, experience the occupation time, celebrate the liberation and see the reconstruction of the Netherlands and Europe. An ode to freedom, democracy and human rights.

For children (up to 10 years) there are two playgrounds within walking distance: Tivoli and the Leemkuil.