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Historical location

The national monument Villa Dalhof tells a story of the past. The building was built in 1919 in the new historicizing style just outside the village center of Berg en Dal. The village of Berg en Dal was to grow into an allure villa village in the second half of the nineteenth century. Many well-to-do people settled here and in the nearby villages of Beek and Ubbergen, attracted by the natural beauty and the good connections with the city of Nijmegen.


Operation Market Garden

In the Second World War, the area immediately around the villa played an important role. During Operation Market Garden there was a battle for the opposite Duivelsberg. This history can still be found in many places in the landscape. Located on the border with Germany, the building was used as a military police barracks after a turbulent war period. The history of this place goes way back!


Roman brickyard

Immediately behind Villa Dalhof to the east of the Holthurnsche Hof are the remains of a huge Roman production center for earthenware and roof tiles. Legionaries of the Tenth Legion from Nijmegen built it in the 1st century and built pottery ovens.